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Flood warden

  • Your prime role is to ensure your own safety
    • Always use your probe stick when walking in unclear water.  There is a very real risk of lifted drain covers.
    • Do not enter fast flowing streams or ditches
    • Do not enter water where you are unsure of the depth
  • Ensure that flood emergency equipment is ready – Hi vis Jacket, probing stick, flood warden ID card
  • Ensure you are registered with the Environment Agency flood warning service to receive flood warnings/alerts
  • Be familiar with the Bilton Parish Council flood plan and flood contact list contained within the emergency procedures
  • Be aware of vulnerable people (Aged, infirm or disabled), in your area of responsibility

Flood Alert

  • Stay aware of Environment Agency updates
  • Be prepared to take action

Flood Warning

  • Visit vulnerable people advising them of the situation
  • Advise flood co-ordinators of requirements for sandbags (should only be reserved for the vulnerable and for homes not garages or outbuildings) that are at imminent risk of flood
  • Advise the flood co-ordinators of requirements for road barriers

Actual Flood emergency

  • Liaise with the rescue services
  • Assist rescue services to prioritise rescue activities
  • Maintain communications with the flood co-ordinators office with issues as arising
  • Visit vulnerable people to help or get help where needed

After the Flood Incident

  • Attend post-flooding meeting to review lessons learnt
  • Provide input to the flood co-ordinator in the preparation of a flood incident report. 
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